All By Myself

Boyfriend has a potential job offer coming up which would require him to be out of town for three weeks and away from his loving girlfriend. Part of me is totally sad, natch. Don’t even get me started thinking about all the nights apart and how cold my feet will be. The other part of me is already planning an itinerary of all the independent-womanly stuff I’ll be doing. And then I got to thinking…”What will I ACTUALLY  be doing while I have time to myself?” It’s incredibly, INCREDIBLY rare that I’m ever all by my onesies so I’m fo sho not used to hangin’ solo. And furthermore, “What would my life be like if I lived alone and didn’t have a live-in boyfriend,  two other roommates and a cat?” Whilst I’d like to think I’d be uber productive and creative all the time, I have a feeling… this is what things would actually look like:

My bedroom would look like this:

Or even worse, this:

My dinner every night would be this:

Instead of doing my work reading at night, I’d be doing this:

Outdoor leisure time would be spent doing this:

This would be me every night in bed:

There would be a lot of this going on:

And this:

And instead of going out with friends, I’d probably just do this:

As much as all of this doesn’t seem productive or mature or whatever else that is boring, I have to say, once and a while, it sounds pretty amazing.

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2 Responses to All By Myself

  1. Jenna says:

    I miss your blogging! I hope you’re well!

  2. Jenna says:

    I stumbled across your blog while browsing and updating my Bookmarks and though I already left a similar comment many months ago, I wanted to once again say that I miss reading about your adventures! I hope your summer’s been swell, Jina!

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