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Princess Mildred – Chapter 5

What was it that Mildred found that would bring her all the answers? Well, a boy. A small boy, that is. “Hello there, Small Boy,” the princess said. “What are you doing under my bed? Such an odd place to be … Continue reading

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Things I Buy Online but Shouldn’t

This lovely box arrived from Amazon today and I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my own head at myself. Danger Mouse CD, two Penguin Classics book (Alice in Wonderland & Sense and Sensibility) and a Monster High Doll (to play … Continue reading

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How to Do Your Laundry

You could say I’m a little behind on household duties at the moment…Ok, a lot behind. Hardwood floors are a titch nasty, dust roams freely, bathroom is gunky and bedroom closet floor is almost non-existent. I blame the fact that … Continue reading

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Today’s Life Lesson

When making a request in the work place, in order to be taken seriously you must phrase things accordingly: Instead of “Will you” say “I need you to.” This gives the upper hand to the person asking the favor as … Continue reading

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The Happy Post

Congrats to me, I am now the (proud?) owner of a 2007 Jeep Wrangler, just like this one.   After avoiding the bank for so long, they finally caught up to me and threatened to charge some serious fee-age if … Continue reading

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Always a Step Behind Life

I have to say, with the new promotion at work keeping me ever so busy and the new addition to my sister’s life fast approaching, I just feel like I can’t keep up with anything at all. The roommates and I still don’t … Continue reading

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Back from a whirlwind trip to reality (AKA home to see family and talk baby bumps and former crushes). Will be back to regular posting soon.

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