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Leasing My Life Away

Renting homes, leasing cars, loaning money for school. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever own anything that is ALL mine. Today, I called the nice people at the car-lease-payment-money-taking-place because I wanted to know how much I had left on my lease … Continue reading

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Priority Shopping

Oh, also…um…a couple extra treats I realized I bought at the grocery store on my lunch break yesterday. I am not proud. Yes, I am 30.

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T.G.I.Half Day!

Happy Earth Day, Happy Easter, Happy Passover. Work got a little crazy this week and I miss my little bloggity blog. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back in full action next week!

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Growing up = Work, Work, Work

 The good news is that I’m super busy at work today. The bad news is that I’m super busy at work today. Hopefully back tomorrow with regular posting!

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So, What Do You Do?

“How’s work? How are things going? Still at the same place? Moving up the corporate ladder at all?” These are the questions that seem to be on repeat lately at social gatherings. Is this all grownups talk about? For the rest of … Continue reading

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So Many Weddings, Such a Lightweight

Part of the fun of being someone in your late 20’s/early 30’s is that your friends are all marrying themselves off and you get to attend the many awesome parties. Well, as much as I enjoy the partying…   I have … Continue reading

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Princess Mildred – Chapter 4

  Princess Mildred loved her sister Sparklicious, but her presence soon caused Mildred to fall upon old patterns. She found herself closed off from the Kingdom’s other citizens and back into the anti-social comforts of home. Sparklicious, on the other … Continue reading

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