Girl Crushes

The other night when I was watching The Victoria’s Secret Runway Show (while eating chips and cheese dip, of course), I found myself yelling out which girls were my favorite and getting excited every time they came on screen.

Adriana Lima - I mean, seriously?

It made me think about how strange it is that we girls obsess over each other, whether it’s because someone is pretty, funny, smart or just super cool. Is it admiration? Do we just want to be BFF’s? Are we switching teams? It reminded me of a book I read as a kid. Or more realistically, a book that had pictures that I liked to look at over and over. It was about a girl who wanted to be friends with another girl at school. I even remember the cool girl was wearing a purple dress, so I could relate to the protagonist instantly because who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone in purple? After researching, I’m pretty sure it was this book but I have no way of knowing without reading it again:
Either way, I decided I would take this time to confess my celebrity girl crushes because they’re far less embarassing than confessing the real life ones. Here is the list in no particular order:

Marion Cotillard - She is such a lady!


Audrey Tautou - Apparently I like French girls?

Shenae Grimes - Weird, quirky style crush

Blake Lively - Classy style crush

Miranda Kerr - This one makes me question my sexual orientation a bit.

And finally, my blog crush: Emily from I just really think we could be best friends someday.

Oooh, sorta looks like I have a type, eh? 😉
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