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How to Fill the Oil Tank (or whatever it’s called)

I decided yesterday that I could no longer ignore the little Aladdin genie lamp thing in my Jeep that kept beeping at me. I wasn’t sure if my car was going to shut down, start smoking or just blow up altogether. … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season

  Now that all these “warm-up holidays” as I like to call them are out of the way, we can fully dive into the magic and wonder of the winter season. Since I now live in Cali, I have to … Continue reading

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How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver

The arrival of the holidays is fast approaching and with them comes happiness, togetherness, nostalgia and of course delicious, mouth-watering cuisine. Unfortunately, sometimes they also bring tension, awkwardness, bad memories and all around disaster in the kitchen. I would love to provide … Continue reading

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Birthday “Craziness”

So….the plan had been to jump out of an airplane for my 30th birthday but unfortunately I spent the weekend dealing with some sort of Amazonian flu. I don’t actually know if my flu came from the Amazon or if … Continue reading

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Dirty 30’s

Semi-epic birthday (if the title isn’t obvious enough) this weekend and I have big plans if we’re not rained out. Updates next week…:)

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Tween at Heart

I won’t lie, I’ve been known to dabble in and sometimes obsess over certain tween novels (Hunger Games, Twilight, etc). Harry Potter definitely tops the list. I’ve read every book numerous times, own all the movies, dressed up as Hermoine for … Continue reading

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Dos Cheeseballs

Ipanema Beach – Rio The title is an inside joke but I like it so it’s staying. In any event, I’m back from the Amazon and safely in my cubicle chair and out of harm’s way (minus the harm of … Continue reading

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